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Comparing Your Cert Management Options

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Cert Management

Frequently asked questions

What are the alternatives to SmartCert?

SmartCert’s biggest competitor is “the way we’ve always done it” which relies on cert documents being stored in physical or digital files, printed and shipped with parts. Some companies send certs using email and others use portals. Paper-based legacy systems are laborious, subject to lost certs and consume expensive paper and toner. Emailed certs get lost in overstuffed inboxes and any company with a portal knows how few customers and vendors actually use it.

What will digital cert management save my organization?

This depends on how many certs you create, share, and manage. A company that processes 150 inbound and outbound certs per week using a traditional paper or email based system will likely save over 2,000 hours per year. Regardless of your volume, SmartCert typically pays for itself within a few months, providing a 300-400% ROI.

Why should I switch to SmartCert?

The most common reasons that companies adopt SmartCert are to: 

  • Create strategic advantage over the competition
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Increase productivity and save labor costs
  • Improve quality of work for employees
  • Save Money on paper and toner while helping the environment
  • Avoid being left behind
How is SmartCert different from document management systems (DMS), quality management systems (QMS) and ERPs?

There are lots of solutions for managing documents within the four walls of your business, including DMS, QMS and ERPs. These systems typically contain sophisticated features like lot control, e-commerce and document management, but they were not designed for exchanging documents with vendors and customers. They mostly rely on scanning inbound and printing outbound paper documents, managing inbound and outbound emails, or vendors and customer logging into portals which have notoriously low utilization.  

For companies that use DMS, QMS or ERP’s to manage certs internally, SmartCert improves productivity and reliability by streamlining and automating cert transfer, connecting your company with your customers and vendors, and their teams, through the SmartCert network.

Can I integrate my ERP, QMS or DMS with SmartCert?

SmartCert automates the exchange of quality documentation. Many customers use SmartCert as the network between their internal systems and their vendors and customers.  SmartCert operates via standard RESTful API calls. We have integrated SmartCert with many well known systems. Please contact us to discuss how we can integrate with your application.

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