We are creating a movement.

We help companies improve workflows and processes and drive digital innovation efforts with legacy systems and eCommerce. And our vision extends beyond supply chains. We are revolutionizing certification paperwork through automation, data extraction, document management, and security — the formula of the future.
Twenty years of direct industry experience means we have walked in your shoes and endured a relentless stream of paperwork problems. We understand the impact to your teams and bottom line, and have created a solution that aligns with the needs of every company along the supply chain. We’re creating the technology that will continue to drive digital transformation for collaboration and documentation transfer and make a global impact.

“SmartCert is not only going to benefit our customers by providing access to certs when and where they need it but it’s also going to drive efficiency within our supply chain.

I want a SmartCert QR code on every single box we send and receive.”

Matt Boyd

Vice President of Sales, Parker Fasteners


Lyndon Lattie

Business & Product Development

Lyndon has over 20 years’ experience managing global OEM relationships for engineered products and is a recognized fastener and supply chain expert. Lyndon manages partnerships and business development for Aramid Technologies.

Lonni Kieffer

Marketing & Customer Success

Lonni’s career has been focused in account management and client success strategies for businesses. Lonni is responsible for marketing, customer engagement and support for Aramid Technologies.

Paul Decker

Operations & Administration

Paul is a seasoned industrial technology leader, with over 20 years CEO experience launching new products and leading multiple companies. Paul oversees Aramid Technologies’ processes, systems, and teams.

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We’re creating a team that is dedicated to solving a decades-old problem in supply chains and helping companies around the globe work smarter. If startup life and being an agent of change is key to your career path, you’ve found your people.

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