Supplier Communication Resources

Introduce and educate your suppliers on SmartCert and your automated process

Congrats on your progress in streamlining cert management!

We’ve created a handy guide for introducing SmartCert to your suppliers. This next step is perhaps the most exciting, knowing you are about to deliver best-in-class, self-service tools! 

Here’s how to get started

Make the

  • Send an email introduction using one of the email templates provided below.
  • Attach the SmartCert Overview and Set Up Instructions PDF.
  • Provide these instructions ahead of your rollout to give your suppliers advance notice and time to set up their account.

Send a reminder
and follow up


  • Update your signature with a notice/reminder.
  • Announce your new process in your newsletter, on your website and social media.
  • Provide an email reminder with details on your request/requirements.
  • Request a confirmation when they join the SmartCert network.

Use your
support team

For questions from your suppliers, you can:

  • Direct them to resources and support by sending a link to the help center. (Copy and paste this link:
  • Or forward/copy us on the email with


Email templates

Use these templates to introduce your suppliers to your new process.

SmartCert Overview and Set up Instructions

Share this PDF to help your suppliers get familiar with SmartCert.

Want more support?

Click here for additional guidance in introducing SmartCert to your suppliers.


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