Access certs where and when you need to.

Managing paperwork is about to get a whole lot easier.

Note: Starter Accounts can accommodate up to ten users.  We recommend adding your team members and Quality manager to streamline your internal process.   

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Here’s How Your Starter Account Works


Depending on how your supplier is using SmartCert, a QR code may be provided as an access point or used to upload the certs to your account.  

The QR code provides 24/7 access to your account and the ability to review certs where and when you need to.


Your secure, cloud-based account provides a centralized archive of inbound documentation from your suppliers who use SmartCert. 


With a SmartCert QR code, your warehouse team can quickly review documentation and part information before picking an order or at the time of assembly.


View part information and cert packages from any device.


Download certs to a local drive or share them with team members or customers.


With SmartCert, your documentation will remain current as your suppliers update cert packages. Now, you’ll see the changes in real time from your dashboard or by scanning the QR code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SmartCert?

Even with a robust internal cert management process, businesses are at the mercy of how documents are received from their suppliers and ongoing customer requests for paperwork once the order has been shipped. SmartCert is a universal platform that automates inbound and outbound certs, eliminating missing paperwork, streamlining internal processes, and reducing customer requests. It can work as a standalone product or integrate into your ERP or QMS system.

Is SmartCert a portal?

Yes, but it’s not a dead-end or limited to one supplier. SmartCert is a universal platform that allows companies to receive, manage and send cert packages along the supply chain. Your account can receive SmartCerts from any supplier and build a centralized archive of your documents. 

I just created an account but haven’t received a confirmation email. How do I access my account?

Based on your company’s security settings, the email confirmation may have been inadvertently directed to your junk folder or blocked from your email. If you don’t see the email, please contact support so we can assist with your account setup and access to your account. 

I received a “company” or “address already exists” message when I tried to create an account. Now what do I do?

If you received an error message when creating a new Starter account that says the Company or Address already exists, that means that a Company account for your location has already been created and a member of your team just needs to add you to the account (See “How do I add users to my Company account?” for further instructions).  If you don’t know who created an account for your location, contact support and we will be happy to provide you with that information.

How do I add users to my Company account?

Your starter account can accommodate up to 10 users. Adding additional team members or members of your Quality department to your Company account is easy! Simply log in to your account and click on “User Management” in the left navigation panel to quickly add additional team members by entering their first and last name and email address. Give the team member a heads up to expect an email to confirm their email address and set a password (tell them to check their junk folder if they don’t see it or connect with the support team for assistance). Once the user has confirmed their email, they will be directed to create their password to complete their account setup.

How do I change my password or update my profile?

To update your personal information or your password, simply click on the “person” icon in the upper right corner of the dashboard, click on “Profile,” make the changes, and click save. 

When I log into my dashboard it’s empty. How do I get my certs?

SmartCerts are either shared from your supplier and automatically added to your dashboard or uploaded to your account when you scan the QR code provided with the shipment

See “How does the QR code add certs to my dashboard?” for upload instructions.

Where do I locate the SmartCert QR code?

The SmartCert QR code will be located on your supplier’s shipping label or included with the packing slip of your order. It will look like this (feel free to scan this and try it out!)

How does the QR code add certs to my dashboard?

You can upload a SmartCert to your dashboard with a mobile device or 2D scanner.

Mobile device: ELog in to your account at and enable “remember login” from any browser on your Smartphone or tablet.  Click the “Scan” button on the bottom of your screen to open the QR code reader. Scanning the QR code will open up the SmartCert viewer and add the SmartCert to your account.  All the team members in your Company account can immediately view and access the SmartCert and associated documents. 

2D Scanner*: Scan the SmartCert QR code to open the link to the SmartCert. Click return on your keyboard to activate the link and open a browser. Log in to your account (if you haven’t already logged in and enabled ‘remember login’) and the SmartCert will open in your SmartCert viewer.

*2D scanners can read QR codes and bar codes. Many 2D scanners require you to turn on the QR code scanning feature or “use the scanner as a keyboard” in order to activate the scan. Please refer to your user manual for specific instructions. There are no additional drivers or software requirements to enable scanning of a SmartCert QR code. 

My scanner isn’t working. How do I scan the QR code?

2D scanners can read QR codes and bar codes. Many 2D scanners require you to turn on the QR code scanning feature or “use the scanner as a keyboard” in order to activate the scan. Please refer to your user manual for specific instructions. There are no additional drivers or software requirements to enable scanning of a SmartCert QR code.

To learn how to use a mobile device or tablet to scan a SmartCert QR code, read “How does the QR code add certs to my dashboard?

I’ve lost my QR code. How do I retrieve my cert package?

You can email your supplier and ask for the SmartCert to be shared from the platform. Please reference your email address when making the request, to automate this process. 
You will receive an email notification when the SmartCert has been shared. Click on the link in the email to view and acces the documents. 

What can I do with my cert package once it's received in my dashboard?

This video explains the features available to you in SmartCert. You can review, download, and print the documents, print the QR code to use in the warehouse, or email the SmartCert internally or to your customer by clicking the Share button.

Is there a limit to how many SmartCerts I can receive?

There is  no limit  to the number of SmartCerts or documents you receive. Your account provides free, cloud-based storage of all the certs you receive from your suppliers who use SmartCert – with real-time updates to the documents! 

What benefit would I have by upgrading my starter account?

Upgrading your account enables you to modify inbound SmartCerts or create SmartCerts for your customers. This reduces inefficient, manual processes, missing paperwork, and ongoing customer requests. It can work as a standalone product or integrate into your ERP or QMS system. 

How would I find out if any of my other suppliers are using SmartCert?

SmartCert users will notify their customers of their new cert transfer process. We suggest following our SmartCert page on LinkedIn for announcements on new companies who will be using SmartCert to send certs.  

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