Customer Communication Resources

Introduce and educate your customers

This handy guide will walk you through the process of introducing your new cert process to your customers and includes insights into their experience getting set up and receiving SmartCerts.

Here’s how to get started

Make the introduction
  • Update your signature using one of the options provided to reinforce your new cert process and provide links to support and the sign up page.

  • Send an email introduction using one of the email templates provided below (Feel free to adjust the content to suit your needs).

  • Attach the SmartCert Overview and Set Up Instructions PDF.

  • Provide these instructions ahead of sending your first SmartCerts, and add the network badge to your website, newsletter, and communications.
Share your certs
  • Search the network to see if your customers are already on SmartCert. You can do this in the sharing screen or customer field of a SmartCert.

  • If they are on the network, the SmartCert will be delivered directly to their Received dashboard when you share it. They’ll receive a notification in SmartCert and sent direct links to the certs in their Daily Summary email.

  • If they haven’t joined yet, you can enter the email address of your contact in the Share screen and they’ll be sent a link to immediately view their certs and join the network. Once they are set up, all future SmartCerts can be shared directly to their Received dashboard by selecting their company name from the search in the customer field or share screen.
Use your support team

The team at SmartCert is standing by and happy to assist if your customers have questions or need help getting started. You can also:

  • Direct them to resources and support by sending a link
 to the help center. (Copy and paste this link:

  • Or forward/copy us on the email from your customer using


Email templates

Use these templates to introduce your customers to your new process.

SmartCert Overview and Set up Instructions

Share this PDF to help your customers get familiar with SmartCert.

Shipment Instructions

Send this document with your shipment to notify Receiving that your cert process has changed.

Email Signatures

Use ours, or edit to your liking. Either way, we’ve got you started!

SmartCert Network Badge

Use this badge on your website, or on any communications to let customers and suppliers know you are set up on the network.

SmartCert Graphics for Social

Let everyone know you are leading the industry in digitizing and automating cert transfer!

Want to train up your teams on SmartCert and your new customer experience?

We’re here for it! Send a message to and we’ll be happy to schedule an overview and training and ensure everyone is up to speed on your new process.

Want more support?

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