Automate cert management.

Leverage a universal platform that advances ERPs, QMS and eCommerce systems.

Connect cert packages to lot, PO, or SO in your ERP with one click

SmartCert customers can drop a direct link to the documentation associated with a part, purchase order or sales order in their ERP. This link cuts down on the steps needed to access and manage documentation, reducing the time needed to process orders.

Eliminate data entry and automate internal processes

Integration allows you to automate the cert transfer process. Order entry into your ERP triggers the creation of a unique SmartCert and populates the data associated with the order. The required documentation is uploaded, based on the customer specifications and the QR code is added to your documentation and shipping label for reference and easy access.

Reduce errors and missing information

For most companies, data entry and cert management are time-consuming, and increase the risk of inaccuracies and quarantined parts. With integration, information is transferred between platforms to ensure the latest information is always available to you and your customers.

Streamline cert management for your team

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of processing paperwork between your vendors and customers. SmartCert was built as a universal cert transfer tool that reduces the steps needed to manage required documentation. While integration automates cert transfer, it isn’t required to immediately realize ROI and allow your company more time to focus on what’s needed to move your business forward. We know time is more valuable than ever, and SmartCert provides an
excellent first step towards the digital transformation required in today’s competitive and complex landscape.

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