There is a better way

Quality documentation is a common supply chain bottleneck that costs companies billions annually. After years experiencing it firsthand, seeing sales calls turn into customer service nightmares, parts shelved or scrapped, and too much time spent tracking down certs, we decided to do something about it.

We created SmartCert to help businesses streamline internal processes and improve the transfer of certs and documentation between suppliers and customers.

And we’re just getting started.

The industry standard from beginning to end.

SmartCert is the industry’s first, cloud-based, self-service platform that allows buyers and sellers to easily manage and exchange required quality certs and documentation. Using a bit of digital innovation and ingenuity, SmartCert: 


  • Creates a digital database of your quality certs 
  • Links certs and documents to a product as it moves through supply chain 
  • Connects all the required paperwork to a sales order  
  • Automates the transfer of paperwork to your customers  
  • Updates cert packages in real-time with any changes 

Digital Automation

SmartCert automates the transfer of required documentation between companies, replacing the use of paper to reduce missing paperwork and promote sustainability.

Cloud Storage

Leverage immediate document transfer and 24/7 access with supply chain partners across the globe. SmartCert’s cloud-based archive of your documents provides redundancy and a backup to your local servers.

Customer Archive

Eliminate the risk of your customers losing paperwork by providing them a free archive of the documentation you send via SmartCert. Adjustments to documents and data are sent in real-time, eliminating the need to resend updated paperwork.

Simple Integration

SmartCert APIs allow for the push and pull of data to initiate and automate processes within existing ERP, QMS and eCommerce platforms. Fewer keystrokes reduce errors and manual steps in managing and processing certs.

Built on a trusted foundation

Official Microsoft Azure Logo
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

SmartCert’s technology automates the transfer of required documentation by binding certs to parts as they move along the supply chain. SmartCert is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform which provides a fast, secure, and reliable platform for storing and exchanging documents between companies. Your data is replicated in geographically separate data centers and is backed up frequently to ensure continuity of service.

“We chose the Microsoft Azure platform because we knew it would allow us to build SmartCert as a modular and universal platform that can add innovation and automation to common legacy systems. This approach makes SmartCert available to literally everyone in the supply chain.”

Lyndon Lattie

SmartCert Co-Founder

Wake up to new features

As a cloud-based platform and subscription service, new features, enhancements and updates are added without downtime or IT support.

Send and receive instant updates to certs

With SmartCert, you don’t have to wait on new paperwork to be sent and updated in your system and can view the latest information as soon as it is published.

Provide remote access to documentation

Because SmartCert is a browser-based platform, users can sign in from a Smartphone or tablet and view information when and where they need to.

Eliminate data entry and automate internal processes

Integrate SmartCert’s document transfer features into your ERP or QMS system to remove redundancies in your workflow.

Shared Dashboard

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Build Traceability & Trust

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