Feeling the pressure to go digital? Here’s a simple way to get started and drive ROI for your business.

2020 was a lot of things – most of which we aren’t thankful, grateful or all that happy about. From a personal perspective, we’ve adjusted to working differently and seeing life through a different lens. From a business perspective, the swift – and potentially permanent – change to the sales process has moved up the timeline for innovation. And it’s also forced businesses to find ways to work smarter and more efficiently than ever before.

But innovation can relate to a lot of things for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the supply chain, and there are likely several areas of your business that could benefit from an upgrade.

The consideration for digital enhancements likely includes:

  • Finding a simple solution that solves an existing problem
  • Avoiding changes to existing processes
  • Creating immediate value and cost savings, ROI
  • Using the same employees, without an impact to culture and capabilities

One area of focus for many businesses is the time and expense of lost documentation and the state of their quarantine shelf. Inbound parts and their cert packages arrive in a variety of ways, and internal processes to manage cert transfer are often complicated, and inefficient. Meanwhile, your customers are also setting higher expectations for their suppliers and looking for improvements to the processes they have in place.

Example of Digital Innovation for Documentation Transfer in the Supply Chain

Digital innovation can simply mean a standardized cert transfer process which allows inbound parts to arrive with a digital cert package via a QR code that when scanned, instantly populates the docs into your system. From there, sending parts to your customers becomes easier and faster, allowing you to use the same platform to create your own cert package – or transfer the existing cert package – on to your customers. This process and integration into your existing systems reduces missing paperwork, quarantined and scrapped parts and immediately saves time and money.


Digital innovation can start by simply standardizing the cert transfer process

But your path to innovation doesn’t have to stop there. At Aramid Technologies, we’ve built the SmartCert platform as a subscription service, allowing our customers to leverage the existing benefits in their transfer of required certs, and provide the option for integration with ERPs and QMS systems. Future updates will also include form automation and security measures for ITAR and DFAR services. As SmartCert grows in capabilities, our customers’ subscriptions are automatically updated and supported. Think of it as an ongoing checkmark for Continuous Improvement as features are added and adopted.

Digital innovation doesn’t have to involve complex systems, new teams, requirements, and significant expenses. There’s a simple path forward with SmartCert that already aligns with your current processes and solves a decades-old pain point for everyone in your supply chain.



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