Overwhelmed by Quality Paperwork?

Today’s certification processes – the inbound and outbound exchange of quality certifications – haven’t changed much in the past few decades. It’s an inefficient practice in passing papers from vendor to customer that affects both parties because it’s…

  • Labor-intensive
  • Expensive
  • Antiquated

However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck doing things the way it’s always been done. Adopting SmartCert by Aramid can bring your certification process into the present by connecting every company in the supply chain through a cloud-based digital platform.

Your Labor Is Being Wasted

When managing certs, you have to keep them safe and readily available. You can’t just leave them in their original emails or lose the paperwork when it arrives, if it arrives. Unfortunately, that’s too often the case.

So, when a customer calls and asks for a copy of the certification, you spend a lot of time hunting. Were they ever received? Are they in Shipping? The job file? Scanned and filed electronically? Or are they still in the original email? But how many emails do you currently have in your inbox? A thousand? Ten thousand? How much time do you waste searching your digital inbox for a specific cert?

And if you did actually download it, where did you save it? Unless you know, you’re just looking for a needle in a haystack. And that haystack is made of needles.

Once you finally find it (if you ever do), you have to email it to the customer and hope they keep track of it so they don’t have to call you again. But seriously, what are the odds?

With SmartCert, your customers’ certifications are always available in a secure, cloud-based storage platform that’s easily searchable. There’s no need to spend hours hunting them down. The process is automated, instantly populating certs to your customer’s account. Plus, you can update customer documents in real-time and they stay current for the life of the product.

The Old Processes Are Too Expensive

As technology evolves, the term paperwork is starting to lose touch with its origin. It’s like saying roll up the window. Everyone knows what it means, but when was the last time you had to physically roll that little crank around in quick circles to close your car window?

By taking the paper and the work out of paperwork, SmartCert is helping you do what you do best – whether it’s selling products, improving processes or servicing customers – and helping you save money and money.

No more paper. No more stuffing certs in boxes. And no wasted labor costs associated with searching for certifications when your customers call because they’ve misplaced their documents.

SmartCert’s centralized dashboard ensures your customers won’t lose their paperwork. Customers have 24/7 access to their documentation, and with the option to scan QR codes on the product packaging for instant access, the only reason they’ll be calling you is to order more products.

Or maybe they’ll call to ask you to be part of their wedding party. Either way, you should be honored.


Stuck in the Past with Antiquated Processes

As humans, we’re good at developing new technologies. We mean, really good. Think about the fact that only 66 years passed between the Wright Brothers’ first flight and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon. It may have been a small step for man, but our technological advancement is growing by leaps and bounds.

That’s why it’s puzzling that so many companies operate as they did in the past, relying too much on paper certs and antiquated processes. Adopting a modern, innovative solution like SmartCert will improve your efficiency while futureproofing your business by providing value your competitors don’t.

For example, PENCOM, a leading innovator in supply chain management, deployed SmartCert to improve their internal processes and the result was an 80% improvement in time efficiency and a significant reduction in paper usage. And who doesn’t love saving trees? We know we do.

SmartCert is the industry’s first cloud-based solution dedicated to helping buyers and sellers manage and exchange quality certs and other vital documentation. The self-service platform streamlines internal processes by automating the storage and transfer of certs so companies can do what they do best.



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