The important consideration of a digital transformation: Are your employees prepared to embrace it?

Company culture is a shared identity that helps guide and bond the people who work there. It can be a rallying point but can also feel untethered when change is introduced. In general, humans crave stability and resist change, but companies are famous for endless transitions and adaptations.

Digital transformation can mean many things, but it most often involves an online sales platform. Sales departments can see this type of automation as a poor substitution for the power of in-person connections and a threat to their future. In reality, it’s neither.

eCommerce that is specifically designed to support the sales cycle within an organization can free up time with order processing and allow sellers to focus on prospecting and landing new business. For example, managing customers with contracted and price-negotiated parts is a great place to start. An eCommerce portal with account access for your customers can speed up transactions and keep track of replenishment needs in real time. The buyers can log on at their convenience – 24/7 – fill their basket at 11pm, and parts could ship the next morning.

Public-facing eCommerce sites can help move current inventory for both manufacturers and distributors and create new leads for the sales team. This facet can remove time-consuming and less profitable responsibilities from an overworked inside sales team.

In our personal lives, automation comes naturally. We now expect it and align ourselves with those companies and brands that lead with innovation. We adapt to new technology and automation when it creates value and efficiency in our lives. Your sales culture can similarly adapt if the direct benefits are clearly presented to your teams in a way that demonstrates the ability to work smarter and take advantage of new opportunities to differentiate themselves and stay competitive when doing what they do best.


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