Digital Certificate Transfer Business Innovations for the Supply Chain Industry

Imagine if your salespeople, customers, and suppliers could have instant access to the information they need. Right now, this process is time-consuming and error-prone.

Do you want to reduce lost documents and paperwork delays?

Implementing Digital Certificate Transfer takes away a lot of this pain. So keep reading, and we’ll show you how.


Digital Certificate Transfer

So, what exactly is Digital Certificate Transfer? It’s a change from the old paper-based method of certification to be more central and easy to access. And it’s easy to get started.

Establishing a universal transfer system allows businesses along the supply chain the ability to access and share documentation quickly and effectively. Let’s take a quick look at how the process works at a high level.

As materials and parts move along critical supply chains in industries like aerospace & defense, electronics, chemical, energy, medical and automotive, documentation is required to follow it.

Currently, companies transfer documentation in a variety of ways – from email to customer portals and papers added to boxes for shipment. This inconsistency increases the risk of lost paperwork, stalled processes, and quarantined and scrapped products.

With a universal, digital certificate transfer system in place, documentation is managed and shared on the same platform throughout the entire supply chain.

When you receive parts from a supplier, you will be able to seamlessly add the documentation to your dashboard, make any necessary modifications, and pass it along to your customer.


Benefits of Digital Certificate Transfer

Beyond the future of standardizing the transfer process, there are many benefits to digitalizing required documentation that will boost productivity and reduce the time spent managing paperwork. We’ll go through a few of these below to give you an idea of what you can take advantage of today.

  • Reduce Lost Docs

Everyone has felt the frustration of lost documentation. Digitizing lets you store backups quickly. Documentation can be available to your customers with a few clicks.

Less lost documentation leads directly to fewer scrapped parts. This, in turn, improves your bottom line.

  • Centralized Repository Storing all your data in one place means that it’s easy to find the documents you need at any time.

With digital formats, you can also archive required documentation and stop worrying about physical storage.

Adopting a central repository helps companies to organize required documentation into logical groupings. Employees and departments can now find documentation quickly and easily.

  • Streamlining of Internal Workflows Internal processes will be far more efficient if you adopt digital certificate transfer. The digitization process will streamline the transfer of required documentation and make it available to all your departments.
  • Customer Satisfaction Once you adopt a digital process, you’ll notice customers are far happier. A recent survey showed 53 percent of customers prefer digital over paper-based processes.

One of the primary indicators of your business’s success is how happy your customers are. It just makes sense to provide value-add services that also move their business forward.

  • Inbound Documentation Delivery Digital documentation delivery surpasses paper-based in almost every respect. That doesn’t change when we’re looking at inbound documentation.

Incoming documentation using digital systems also allows for improvements and efficiencies with your internal processes.

As a result, delivery becomes part of an automated workflow. Time to get rid of time-consuming processes fraught with errors.

Getting vendors on board with your process means you’ll start receiving standardized documentation. Documentation from your suppliers and contacts you can use immediately is a win.

  • Cloud-Based Technology Using cloud-based technology to host your digitization platform and store documentation makes sense. With prices predicted to drop, there’s no reason not to make use of cloud storage and processing.

Cloud-based also means decentralized. This allows authorized users to access your certification documents at any time, from anywhere.

The process to digitize required documentation may seem daunting at first. Fortunately, there are experts who can help with using high-volume scanners.

  • Integration With Existing Systems An advantage of “going digital” with your documentation and certification processes is integration. Reducing double entry and the hours your employees spend capturing improves efficiency easily.

A good system will integrate with popular QMS/ERP systems. The system should provide ways for external software to integrate, facilitating two-way communication. This can be through the use of APIs or other access.

  • Employee Preparedness One of the most important parts of your digital journey is employee buy-in. Not everyone in your company will be ready to adopt the new process.

It’s understandable that some employees might hesitate. After all, many processes have been tried before. There are a couple of easy thingsThere are a couple of easy things you can do to make this process a success though.

One of the simplest is to demonstrate value to your employees. Focus on how much time will be saved, and how much faster processing will be.


Is Digitization Worth It?

You’ve now seen the benefits Digital Certificate Transfer has for internal processes. You’ve seen how it can drive efficiency in your business. Can we answer the question, “Is it worth it?”

Digital objectives are being driven very quickly. The reduction of employee time spent handling paper documentation alone is enough.

Want to streamline your internal processes? Want to get rid of cumbersome processes and reduce overhead? Schedule a Demo, and let us show you how.



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