Shared Dashboard

Centralize access to certs.

Reduce internal requests and allow your teams the ability to view and share documentation at any time. 

Eliminate information and document silos with one shared platform

Upgrade from inefficient and limited local storage to a secure, cloud-based storage platform. Your SmartCert dashboard serves as an effective repository and backup of your documentation.

Manage subscription and user accounts

Empower your sales staff, warehouse, and assembly teams with immediate access to view documentation where and when they need it. Users can log in to SmartCert from any mobile device and confirm part specs, material processing, or status, 24/7.

Designate usage and privileges

SmartCert’s user management and permissions settings ensures you maintain the integrity of your cert packages while providing access to information when it’s needed. Designated members of your quality department can alter cert packages while other departments have read-only access and limited functionality.

View internal progress

Stay current on internal processing and view customer orders and documentation. The SmartCert dashboard provides real time updates and access to cert packages in development or previously sent to your customer.

Shared Dashboard

Search, Sort and Filter

Create a Smartcert

Build Traceability & Trust

Sync in Real Time