Digital transformation is music to our ears

When Pandora launched in 2005, it changed the way we experience music. The streaming service removed our dependency on radio station programming and purchasing CDs or downloads. For the first time, listeners had the power to create custom stations based on their favorite song, artist or genre. It was a game-changer. And SmartCert is proving to have the same impact for the supply chain.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Besides both being cloud-based, what could Pandora and SmartCert possibly have in common? After all, Pandora is a personalized music streaming service, and SmartCert is a digital platform that simplifies the process of managing and exchanging quality certs and documentation.

Well, besides the fact that you can listen to certified rockstars on Pandora and SmartCert is a certification rockstar, both applications have one essential thing in common.

According to Neil Mix, a SmartCert investor and original solution architect for Pandora’s product:

“SmartCert and Pandora are both disruptive digital transformations that improved the user experience and modernized aging technologies with simpler and more elegant solutions.”

Disrupting The Certification Exchange Landscape

Historically, the exchange of inbound and outbound certs and documentation has always depended on manual, outdated and labor-intensive systems. To say using SmartCert is like going from 8-track tapes to Pandora isn’t really an exaggeration.

Many companies still receive their certs and docs via paper, email or portal. In many cases, they are literally printed out and filed away in a back room. Then, when needed, you have to dig through the storage drive or the physical files, scan and email them. It’s a repetitive, inefficient, and time-consuming process.

It is kind of like downloading “In da Club” by 50 Cent through AOL over a telephone modem. Go Shorty. It’s your birthday.

SmartCert has revolutionized the way businesses process quality certs and documents. It’s the first cloud-based, self-service platform that lets buyers and sellers easily manage and exchange all required quality certs and documentation.

“Like Pandora, SmartCert brings technology to an area that didn’t have a lot of technology associated with it,” Mix said.

Pandora App


The benefits of a Digital Certification Exchange Solution

By taking the cert transfer process online and automating it, SmartCert has simplified the exchange of critical documents, updating files in real-time to keep you current. You can streamline your processes, reducing duplicated and manual steps so you can provide the right certs and docs when you need them.
SmartCert users also benefit from:

  • Simplifying and streamlining inbound and outbound certs with a universal platform
  • Eliminating missing paperwork with self-service tools that give your customers 24/7 access to their certs—no more repeat requests
  • Being more eco-friendly and making great progress on the path to paperless
  • Security. Your data is replicated, encrypted and backed up on the Microsoft Azure platform
  • Quick onboarding that takes less than two weeks without disrupting your daily work

In this age of digital transformation, consumers and businesses increasingly rely on mobile solutions to simplify their lives anytime, anywhere. SmartCert builds trust with your customers and creates stronger relationships by providing a real-time solution that allows the 24/7 access we have come to expect with our tools and platforms.


“Pandora allowed you to have music right now, where you are,” said Mix. “SmartCert does the same thing, giving you access to your certifications and documents in real-time, wherever you are.”



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