With SmartCert, WCL Makes Technology Work for its Customers

Forging Deeper Customer Relationships with SmartCert

See how WCL Company uses SmartCert to provide a best-in-class customer experience.


If there’s one word that describes WCL Company’s approach to the fastener industry, it’s passion. The company knows that lives depend on its products, and its people always make a point of putting themselves in the shoes of its customers. Holly McDaniel, Sales Manager, is no exception to this.

A 28 year veteran of the industry, she understands the impact a single fastener can have on the world, and how lives can literally depend on WCL specifying the right product for the right application. She and her colleagues always go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer support — for them, clients are long term partners.

As is the case with most industrial fastener suppliers, cert management is crucial to its business. This simple but essential process plays a key role in closing deals, keeping orders moving, and maintaining customer and vendor relationships.

Seeking to ensure its customers have the best experience possible, WCL decided to modernize how it managed quality certifications via SmartCert.

“For me, the biggest draw of SmartCert is that it’s easy to learn, even for non-technical colleagues. Nearly everybody is satisfied with the platform once they realize how simple it is to use. They’re especially happy when they find out they can send and receive certification packages for free, even if they initially pushed back.”


“We adopted SmartCert with the goal of providing more value, and in that we’ve succeeded,” McDaniel concludes. “We’re proud of how we take care of our customers through the platform, and we look forward to seeing the platform grow. Those who adopt now have the advantage — soon, everyone will be on it.”

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