Webinar recap: SmartCert’s Latest Features and Productivity Tips from Power Users By Lonni Kieffer

During this webinar, I had the pleasure of talking with several of SmartCert’s power users about how and why they got started, what the transition was for them internally and for their customers, and the affect it’s had on their workday.  

WCL Company, Pilgrim Aerospace Fasteners, and Fastener Dimensions are a few of SmartCert’s first customers. They have provided feedback and suggestions, helped us prioritize features, and utilize most features in the platform.  

We were joined by Holly McDaniel and Marci Miranda from WCL, Elisha Riggs, from Pilgrim, and Nicole Zielinski from Fastener Dimensions.  

Sharing experiences from the front lines is important with new tools and technology. Especially because we know so many people and companies recognize the value of process improvements but are nervous about change management. This real talk from real users mentioned several key takeaways:  

  • Change is inevitable but can be managed. And you’re not alone! We’ve been committed from day one to support the transition to SmartCert internally, but also with your customers and suppliers. SmartCert has built the resources you can use to blueprint process updates, determine roles/responsibilities, and introduce, educate, and support your teams, customers, and suppliers.
  • There’s something for everyone. Nicole mentioned that access and organization of certs have given her hours back in her day. Elisha has upgraded their cert process to SmartCert packages and cut down on the steps of creating and sending certs to customers. Marci appreciates the visibility of seeing when certs were sent and who received them, and Holly feels SmartCert aligns with their commitment to excellent customer service. 
  • In this case, it’s not so much the journey, but the results. Transitioning decades-old processes isn’t high on anyone’s enjoyment list, but the consensus among SmartCert’s super users was updating their cert process with SmartCert was worth it. 

With all the challenges that paper and emailed certs present today, we are committed to a better way to receive, process, manage and send certs. Our power users provided a great segue to the new tools available in SmartCert to support even more steps in your cert management process.  

Users can:

Whether you make a copy of a SmartCert received from a supplier or create a SmartCert and upload your cert package to process, having these tools available in the platform where you are sending and receiving certs will have a big impact on efficiency for many companies.  


Lonni Kieffer

Co-Founder SmartCert

Featured Speakers

Elisha Riggs

Pilgrim Aerospace


Nicole Zielinski

Fastener Dimensions

Holly McDaniel

WCL Company

Marci Miranda

WCL Company

“Change was difficult for a lot of our larger aerospace customers. It was painful in the very beginning. But that lasted all of you know, five seconds, and then we were over that hump.”

Holly McDaniel, Sales Manager, WCL  Company

“Use the resources that SmartCert gives you. They're helpful, it really, really made the transition easier. We sort of had to go backwards to go forwards and make it easier for everybody. It really is just seamless if you use the tools that that are available.”

Holly McDaniel, Sales Manager, WCL Company

“I absolutely love the Packages feature, it’s one of the best things that you could have added. It cuts down my time when it comes to sending or creating a SmartCert, and it also cuts down on a lot of time for our QA manager to create the certs. Because now they're just creating it for the lot. And then I personalize it for the actual customer.”

Elisha Riggs

SmartCert’s Latest Features and Productivity Tips from Power Users

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