SmartCert: Automating the Transfer of Required Documentation

A version of this article first appeared in the 2021 Summer edition of Link Magazine.

The pressure to work smarter is forcing companies to move up their timeline for digital advancement. Many will say it’s overwhelming to consider all the options and ensure they are maximizing their investment in a way that will drive ROI and business growth. Others will tell you they feel limited by their legacy systems and don’t want to be forced to make changes to their existing processes and teams. Yet everyone agrees automation is the key to their future.

One priority for many companies in solving the inefficiencies associated with the transfer of required documentation. From time spent tracking lost certs to the quarantine shelf and expense of scrapped parts, this is a clear and immediate opportunity to boost productivity and profits when considering the path forward in futureproofing your business.

Armed with decades of experience in manufacturing and distribution and a focus on this very problem, Lyndon Lattie assembled a team of industry experts, thought leaders and developers, and set out to help companies clear the paperwork bottleneck. He envisioned a tool that would make certs available where they are needed most – right on the packaging – and provide a communication channel for everyone from raw material suppliers to manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers that would streamline the transfer of industry-required certifications.

SmartCert has been developed as a universal platform that aligns with current processes, automates certification procedures, and binds documentation to parts using QR codes. Now, certs can be accessed and viewed with a Smartphone or tablet on a job site or assembly line and inbound cert packages can instantly be available to your teams and technology.

Integration with ERPs, eCommerce and QMS systems upgrades legacy systems and allows for demonstrated continuous improvement and value-add service to customers. As a cloud-based subscription, features and benefits are continually added to the platform, and IT departments aren’t required to orchestrate expensive and timely updates or create server space for the software.

While creating a standardized process for supply chains is the ultimate goal for SmartCert, it immediately solves common problems for most businesses and lays the foundation for continued digital innovation.



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