Improvements to Documentation Transfer…and Smoking Meats

Insights from our chat at Fully Threaded Radio

Our co-founder, Lyndon Lattie, had the opportunity to join a few of our customers on Fully Threaded Radio, the popular podcast run by for fastener professionals. Here are a few of the highlights from their conversation around how SmartCert has improved their businesses and what it means for the industry.

“SmartCert solves a multitude of problems. I’ve had multiple experiences in the past with customers and others where SmartCert could have prevented some serious problems.” -Carmen Vertullo, AIM Testing Laboratory

Carmen sees it all, running a testing lab and pushing fasteners to the limits to better understand their strength. In the same vein, he was an early adopter of SmartCert, immediately grasping the power this technology was going to have on the industry.

“We like to be able to identify those cutting-edge tools that enhance our relationships. Whenever we see one – whether it’s a piece of equipment, a test method, an organization, or something an organization has to offer, we like to share it as a value to AIM Testing Laboratory. We want to be perceived as being in-the-know about the latest and greatest stuff out there.”

Carmen Vertullo, AIM Testing Laboratory

AIM is an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory and sends their customers’ test information via SmartCert. He likes the ability to make his reports quickly and easily accessible and allow his customers to forward the reports to their customers in fewer steps. “This solves a problem for businesses who have a QMS system and for those who don’t”, he said.

Another early adopter, Parker Fasteners, was considering building something internally to manage documentation but felt the features and benefits of SmartCert provided a lot more support with their vendors and customers.

“It’s not only going to benefit customers, but it’s going to drive efficiency within our supply chain.”

Matt Boyd, Parker Fasteners

Parker Fasteners is a fastener manufacturer in Buckeye, Arizona, specializing in socket drive and specialty fasteners from alloy and stainless steel. With the motto “Forging the future”, it certainly extends to their efforts around digital innovation. “The thought of learning new software is a little daunting sometimes, but you don’t have to be an expert to use the software and get things done the way you need to” he said, “We’re getting more done throughout our quality department.”

“If you take a day or two out of the process of having your product ready to ship – that’s golden”, Carmen chimed in.

Hear the entire conversation at (1:38 – 2:22)

Interested in the bonus conversation around smoking meats? Tune in at 1:39:55


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