How Old Cert Processes Costs Manufacturers Thousands in Labor Costs Each Year

Do you have any idea how much time your people are wasting at work? We’re not talking about folks trying to break Ted Lasso’s record for paperball-toss-and-catch. For the record, it’s 1,236.

We’re talking about the time your people are wasting managing certs using manual, repetitive processes.

A McKinsey report found that in 60% of all occupations, one-third of assigned duties could be automated. That equates to 49% of all job duties in the global economy that could be automated using currently available technology.

I doubt you could find a company on Earth that just willingly throws away money. But that’s exactly what happens when you get overwhelmed by antiquated, manual processes like paper, email or portals to handle your certs.

The Consequences of Antiquated Processes

There are three costly ways companies lose money with paper quality certs. 

While these challenges certainly take cash out of your company’s pockets, they also hurt your business in much more insidious ways.

The time your people spend filing, scanning and trying to locate missing documents is time they could be selling your services, delivering your products and delivering a superior customer experience. 

A report from Staples found that 74% of employees said their company failed to give them access to the latest technology that could help them perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently. 

Adopting an automated solution gives your people the tools they need to spend less time worrying about certs and more time growing and improving your business.


How Paper Solutions Are Holding You Back

Managing certs and other required documents by paper is a pain in the printer. Not only do you suffer from the costs associated with handling, scanning, sending and storing this ancient form of authentication, but you also lose opportunities to work with cutting-edge companies. 

First, whether you send paper certs in boxes or PDFs via email, they’re bound to get lost or misplaced. That doesn’t just frustrate your customer. It causes your team to lose precious time on the clock when they spend hours searching for replacement docs when the customer calls. 

Second, cutting-edge companies want to work with other well-run, efficient organizations. The people that run those companies didn’t invest all their time improving their processes only to be shut down at the last second because your antiquated cert process couldn’t deliver when needed.

You need an automated, quality cert solution that delivers what your customers need, when they need it. If you don’t, your competition will find a way to beat you to it. And you know how much your competitor, Tom, likes to gloat. Seriously. What’s that guy’s problem?


How SmartCert Saves Your Money

SmartCert by Aramid transforms your cert delivery and documentation management from a manual, paper-based system to an industry-leading, cloud-based paperless platform. 

Faster and more efficient than any other cert solution on the market, SmartCert streamlines and automates your cert process (both inbound and outbound) into an intuitive, self-service tool that your customers can access 24/7. This gives most mid-size distributors quantifiable results so you can see the ROI advantage.

  • $75K in annual savings
  • Estimated payback in 4 months
  • 8 hours of labor saved every day

But don’t take our word for it. Listen to what Jason Groves, COO of Pilgrim Aerospace Fasteners, said about solving a decades-old problem with SmartCert

Give your people the time they need to sell your services, ship your products and deliver outstanding customer service. Not only will your business start scaling up, but old Tom won’t have anything to say the next time you meet.  



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No more missing paperwork and fewer customer requests. Click here to schedule a 15-minute non-sales call to explore whether SmartCert can save your business tens of thousands of dollars in wasted labor every year.

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Give your teams the centralized access, visibility, and tools to quickly review and process certs.


Eliminate inefficient internal processes and document silos to communicate easier and move parts faster.


Deliver standout service and delivery automation by putting the tools your team needs at their fingertips.


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Get the speed, control, and access you need to move product.


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Trust SmartCert to keep your data and documents secure.


Adjust and update certs with ease.


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Power your systems with SmartCert’s cloud network.