Fasteners Direct increases productivity by 25% with SmartCert

Streamlining certification management with SmartCert

As a company that always goes the extra mile for its customers, Fasteners Direct deployed SmartCert to streamline its certification management.


Cert management is consistently one of the greatest headaches in the industrial fastener industry. Even as the rest of the supply chain embraces automation and digital transformation, suppliers and customers still largely rely on physical documentation and email. This results in all manner of problems — lost documentation, chaotic fire drills, and payment delays, to name only a few. For New York based Fasteners Direct which prides itself on putting its customers first, this was unacceptable. Although the company was perfectly capable of effective manual cert management with a smaller client-base, leadership knew that this approach would not scale. It would inevitably become a barrier to the organization’s growth, while also greatly impacting the customer experience. Fasteners Direct VP of Procurement and Operations Caia Baker knew there had to be a better way — and she found precisely that with SmartCert.

“I don’t endorse many platforms or systems. But in SmartCert’s case, it helped us transform a process which was a horrible strain to deal with into something simple and streamlined. Instead of wasting hours on cert management, all we had to do was upload our documentation, then share a link — we went from a logistical nightmare to one and done.”


SmartCert has helped Fasteners Direct embrace the shift to digital in a powerful way. The company sees SmartCert as a key partner in their long-term success, with plans to integrate certification requests into their website to further improve the overall cert requesting and sharing process. Click here to request a free demo.

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