Cert processing is now available in SmartCert

SmartCert launches a suite of quality certification processing tools to centralize receiving, managing, and sending certs in one platform.

While there were many goals for SmartCert in solving paperwork challenges when we got started in 2021, our focus today represents expanding efficiencies in all areas of quality certification management. 

Companies often use many tools to receive, process, organize, and send quality certifications. This year, SmartCert has expanded beyond simplifying and automating receipt, access, and delivery of certs, to developing the Request tool to support buyers when certs are missing or inaccurate, SmartCert packages to reduce the time it takes to consolidate cert packages for a shipment, and now, a suite of cert processing tools in platform to keep all the work related to certs in one place. 

Cert processing tools can reduce paper usage, support smarter workflows, and allow for real-time collaboration. SmartCert has released four cert processing tools and functions, providing more ways to save time and money: 

Digitally review and approve quality certifications and parts

  • Speed: Digitally reviewing and signing documents in a centralized location means you can quickly and easily get new products approved for release 
  • Efficiency: Build a streamlined workflow that uses one platform for receiving, reviewing, and approving quality certifications  
  • Accessibility: Review, approve and sign certs from anywhere, regardless of your location, supporting remote work and global operations 

Redact information

  • Efficiency: Reduce the steps of your cert management process in the same platform you receive, store, and send certs. Make a copy of a SmartCert from a supplier, or create a SmartCert and upload the certs that require redaction 
  • Privacy: Protect your supplier base by redacting the name of your supplier or sensitive information such as financial data or trade secrets 
  • Compliance: Digital redaction enables companies to comply with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 

Add/Remove Pages to generate a final cert package

  • Speed: Eliminate manual steps in building a cert package for a lot or shipment by digitally removing or adding pages and reviewing the final certs prior to sending 
  • Customization: Digital cert processing tools allow you to customize your cert packages to meet the specific needs of your customers by selecting the documents to add and clicking on the pages you want to remove 
  • Efficiency: Adjusting cert packages from a supplier in the same platform you receive, process, and send certs will save time and hard costs associated with paper, toner, and other tools

Use a Certificate of Conformance template or build your own

  • Speed: Use pre-populated information and input required data into remaining fields to save time on building a CoC for your customer 
  • Customization: Templates allow you to quickly and easily draft a CoC for a shipment based on the specific requirements of your customer. A CoC can be added to an existing cert package or uploaded as a separate document to the lot or shipment 
  • Accuracy: Minimize the steps of building and sending a CoC and update information in real-time as needed to ensure parts are received and approved by your customer 

Digital processing tools like those now offered in SmartCert can help organizations improve their efficiency, reduce costs, promote sustainability, and innovation. Save time and money, conserve resources, boost traceability and get your team back to the work that matters.  

View our tools in action in our how-to video library.  

Schedule a 30-minute meeting with a member of the customer success team to discuss your questions and walk you through the steps of using your new tools.  



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