Where is eCommerce on your priority list? It should be #1.

In a recent article on Industrial Distribution by Anna Wells entitled “Feeding your website and your bottom line”, Wells comments that it wasn’t long ago that just having a web site was a sufficient digital strategy for distributors.

Today, having an information-only web site that touts your company history, showcases your leadership team and provides contact information could deliver an unsatisfactory experience to your customers and prospects. What we have come to quickly realize in 2020 is that it’s more important than ever to accommodate the changes required in selling, anticipate and recognize the needs of buyers and find smart ways to differentiate your brand.

Wells outlines how Hisco has approached their digital strategy, from optimizing their SEO strategy to providing an eCommerce platform that mimics functionality from B2C sites, to deliver an intuitive online buying experience. This, combined with offline efforts that drive efficiencies and smart positioning, helps differentiate them from the competition and continues to serve as a scalable model for growth.

eCommerce may soon be the new baseline for aerospace distributors. If you aren’t providing an online marketplace, you could quickly be replaced. If your eCommerce experience isn’t intuitive, simple and effective, you could miss out on earning new business, or lose your existing customers.

Add the complexities of traceability standards, contract parts, LTA accounts and the fluid nature of live inventory, it becomes critical that your investment in eCommerce is made with a company who understands the industry and can deliver on what’s required.

The team at Aramid Technologies has a combined 40+ years’ experience in aerospace and digital marketing and has worked hard to create an easy-to-launch, efficient and affordable eCommerce site add-on that not only makes sense for the industry but raises the bar for eCommerce from a usability and performance perspective.

he adjustments we are making to selling and customer relationships are here to stay. It’s not when you should integrate eCommerce, it’s how and it’s now.

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