The Future Today: Meet five digitally connected leaders in the fastener supply chain!

The Future Today: Gaining Competitive Advantage using Technology in the Fastener Industry.

Learn how…

  • Advanced Components is on the way to doubling sales without adding employees,
  • Parker Fasteners has empowered its sales team to answer customer questions on the spot and reduce busy work,
  • AIM Test Labs improves flexibility while streamlining processes and eliminating headaches,
  • INxSQL helps fastener companies use features they already own, launch e-commerce, and manage volatile pricing, and
  • All of them overcome the technical and emotional hurdles of adopting new technologies.


Lonni Kieffer

Co-Founder SmartCert

Our Featured Speakers

Matt Boyd

VP Sales

Parker Fasteners

Brad Burel

VP Sales

Advance Components

Rob LaPointe


AIM Testing Laboratory

Kristi Irungaray

 Senior Logistics Mgr


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