SmartTalk Webinar: Lessons learned from Laurie Strom

Join our SmartTalk series and learn from industry experts like Laurie Strom, former VP & COO of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia. Throughout her career at SAE ITC and Honeywell Aerospace, Strom has leveraged technical and managerial expertise to connect key stakeholders to drive standards, technologies, innovation, and best practices.

Listen in to learn more about:

Reflections on her career and her plans for the future.

What differentiates a technology that is widely adopted and becomes an industry norm vs those that do not?

Greatest pain points and opportunities in today’s supply chain.

Innovations will make the greatest short-term impact.

Our Featured Speaker

Laurie Strom

Former VP & COO, SAE Industry Technologies Consortia

SAE ITC appointed Laurie Strom as Vice President & Chief Operating Officer in 2016 to establish the mission and vision of the SAE ITC organization. During her six-year career there, she was involved with automated vehicle safety, aerospace engine quality, and blockchain databases for parts and health-ready components, to name a few. Before joining SAE ITC, Strom served as a Director with Honeywell Aerospace. While there, she provided tactical and strategic direction for more than 200 material and process engineers at more than 20 sites in 10 countries. Strom has a Master in Materials Science from Rochester Institute of Technology, and dual Bachelor degrees in Geology and Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University.

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