SmartCert Announces New Features and Upgrades to Free Starter Subscriptions

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA – May 31, 2023 – Aramid Technologies, the developer of SmartCert®, announces its new SmartCert Request and SmartCert Packages features designed to enable subscribers to request certs from vendors and combine SmartCerts for multiple line items into one SmartCert for the entire shipment. This latest update supports SmartCert’s vision to create a centralized platform that simplifies all aspects of sharing quality documents between a company and its customers and vendors. In support of this update, the company will now offer free, full-featured Starter subscriptions for companies to try SmartCert before subscribing.

With SmartCert Request, companies can request certs from their vendors and receive them automatically in their SmartCert account. Buyers create a SmartCert request that references a purchase order, part number, or lot number and send it to the vendor in the platform. Vendors receive the request, complete the missing information, attach the certs, and return it to the customer. All certs are sent in real-time to the customer’s dashboard and any vendor can respond for free to SmartCert requests using a Starter subscription.

The new Packages feature allows users to combine SmartCerts for each line item into a single SmartCert representing the shipment. Packages make it easy to create one lot-based SmartCert that can be sent to many customers. This works particularly well for manufacturers and distributors who ship parts from a single lot to many customers.

“Cert Packages represent a significant improvement for our many customers that use SmartCert through its integration with INxSQL,” said Brandi Bertoia, VP Operations at INxSQL Software. “INxSQL’s integration with SmartCert now provides a streamlined process from receipt to customer shipment; giving access to manufacturer certs, packing lists, C of Cs, and USMCA documentation digitally through one link and automatically adding it to their customer’s SmartCert dashboard.”

Over 800 companies use SmartCert’s free Starter subscription to receive, store, manage inbound quality certs, and to respond to customer’s cert requests. Starter subscribers now have full access to all paid features and can create 50 SmartCerts and SmartCert requests, enabling them to explore the full SmartCert platform before becoming a paid subscriber.

“SmartCert answers long-standing supply chain needs, from standardizing inbound certs from vendors to internally organizing and centralizing cert management, to delivering best-in-class customer service. SmartCert transforms antiquated, manual processes in a matter of days,” says Lonni Kieffer, Co-Founder and Head of Customer Success. “These tools provide a huge step forward in the path to paperless and the future of automation.”

About Aramid Technologies:

Aramid Technologies introduced SmartCert in 2021 to digitize the cumbersome and costly traditional processes for exchanging quality certifications by paper, email and portal. SmartCert is a cloud-based platform that enables buyers and sellers to quickly and securely manage and exchange required documentation. 



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