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and Filter

Sort and view active and archived certs.

Instantly filter and review the SmartCert(s) and associated documentaion related to your search query.

Sort and Filter

Organize certs in a way that makes sense for your business. Adjust column view and sort
alphabetically or chronologically to quickly find the information you need. Columns can also be hidden to help prioritize the information you want to view in your dashboard.

Use the search feature to find specific cert packages or customer information

Search by part number, lot number, PO or SO, customer, date, or order details to view the
SmartCert(s) and documentation associated with your search criteria.

Streamline the approval process by quickly locating and reviewing a cert package when it’s received, or prior to shipment

Sort by date to view the latest SmartCerts and confirm the proper documentation has been
provided by your supplier or added by your Quality department. Users can email a quick link to a SmartCert or list of SmartCerts to expedite the review process.

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Search, Sort and Filter

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