Manage Inbound Cert Packages

Instantly upload and process supplier paperwork

Take control over inbound documentation.

Leverage SmartCert’s universal platform to reduce missing paperwork from your suppliers

Your inbound cert packages are instantly uploaded to your dashboard when your receiving department scans the SmartCert QR code or a SmartCert is shared with you.

Remove complex and redundant internal processes associated with supplier paperwork

Digital automation drastically cuts down on the time required to manage and transfer cert packages from suppliers to your customers. Using less resources to process paperwork means having more time for your employees to focus on moving your business forward.

Review cert packages from your suppliers prior to receiving your order

Your suppliers can share a SmartCert and provide the associated order information and documentation as soon as your order is confirmed and set to ship. An email sent from the SmartCert dashboard functions the same way as scanning the QR code and instantly populates the information to your inbound dashboard. This allows for any necessary adjustments to paperwork as the shipment is in route to your facility and gives you the ability to share information with your team prior to processing.

Adjust inbound cert packages for your customers with the click of button

You can transfer documents and corresponding part information directly to your customer by updating the SmartCert associated with the order or lot code. Remove what you don’t want to share and upload any additional paperwork your customer needs to seamlessly maintain the traceability and integrity of the part information.

Get updates to cert packages from your suppliers in real time

Suppliers can update SmartCerts with rev changes or corrections and your dashboard and QR code associated with the part are instantly updated with the latest information.

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Build Traceability & Trust

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