Create a SmartCert

Replace inefficient or complex steps in your internal cert management process and reduce customer requests to resend paperwork

Reduce missing paperwork

Connect certs to parts with a SmartCert QR code and remove the risk of missing paperwork and quarantined parts. Documentation is updated in real time and always available for the lifetime of the part.

Streamline internal cert preparation

SmartCert was built for the industry by the industry and seamlessly replaces inefficient or complex steps in your internal cert management process. Now your workflow can exist on one platform and users can add information as the parts move through the fulfillment process.

Wake up to new features and enhancements

The benefits to using a software as a subscription (SaaS) platform are vast. While it may be diminished among all of the benefits SmartCert provides, one of the greatest features of your subscription is the instant delivery of updates and enhancements. We keep our customers informed of upcoming changes and explain new features in our monthly newsletter or as they are implemented.

Provide quick access to documentation when it’s needed most

Not only does SmartCert provide quick access to part information and cert packages from the warehouse or at the time of assembly, but it also creates an archive for each of your customers. Each SmartCert they receive gets populated to their SmartCert dashboard.

Drag and drop or upload certs from your local drive

Because SmartCert is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, you will find that using it is as intuitive and easy as using Office or Windows. Select one document at a time or upload multiple documents with the click of a button. You can review certs in the document viewer once they have been uploaded. Based on user permissions, documents can be deleted from a SmartCert as needed.

Duplicate lot-based cert packages for multiple customers or orders

Create generic part and lot-specific SmartCerts to accommodate your inventory and reduce the steps necessary to send to multiple recipients. Lot-based SmartCerts allow for quick updates to all recipients, should certs require updates or changes.

Share directly from the platform

You can share a SmartCert, or bulk share a list of SmartCerts directly from the platform. You simply select the SmartCerts you’d like to share and enter the email address of the user.

Shared Dashboard

Search, Sort and Filter

Create a Smartcert

Build Traceability & Trust

Sync in Real Time