View certs when and where you need to.

Remove local requirements for data storage and minimize IT oversight.

Provide remote access to documentation

With SmartCert, your teams and customers can check part specifications and documents when they scan the QR code. Because SmartCert is a browser-based platform, users can sign in from a Smartphone or tablet and view information when and where they need to.

Back up your documents in the cloud

SmartCert provides companies a cloud-based document archive and back up to local servers. With the increase in malicious attacks and ransomware, SmartCert’s redundancy reduces the impact to your business should hackers gain access to local data.

Wake up to new features and enhancements

The benefits to using a software as a subscription (SaaS) platform are vast. While it may be diminished among all of the benefits SmartCert provides, one of the greatest features of your subscription is the instant delivery of updates and enhancements. We keep our customers informed of upcoming changes and explain new features in our monthly newsletter or as they are implemented.

Give your IT department a break

Another feature of SmartCert as a cloud-based platform is the limited requirements and ongoing support required from your IT department. There is no complicated or time-consuming oversight, complex updates, system upgrades or localized resources that have to be managed.

Interested in the tech behind SmartCert? Click here to learn more about how we are using Microsoft software and mature and trusted technologies and components to provide a fast and stable platform for data entry and communication between vendors and customers.

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