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May 20, 2022 | Blog

Say Goodbye to Paper, Hello to Digital Automation

SmartCert was founded on the belief that manufacturers and distributors should be focused on their products and their customers, not on chasing cert packages. We also believe that continuous improvement is not only essential to driving business forward, but a commitment that we’ve made to our customers.

SmartCert 1.5 delivers on that promise by increasing the speed and efficiency of quality cert transfer and expanding self-service tools for SmartCert users. The team showcased SmartCert 1.5 at the Fastener Fair in Detroit, Michigan on May 17th–19th. Industry participants reviewed the enhanced automation features and self-service tools in action.

Faster and More Efficient

With SmartCert 1.5, suppliers can now instantly send certs to their customers’ free, secure cloud-based SmartCert account with just one click. Prior to this automation, SmartCerts were accessed and uploaded to the customers’ dashboard via QR code or email. The QR code continues to provide 24/7 mobile access where and when you need to view certs. SmartCert’s automation also gives customers the chance to review certs before the product is physically received.

SmartCert 1.5 provides free, cloud-based accounts for recipients of SmartCerts. These Starter Accounts allow up to 10 users per company to access certs from all of their suppliers. Giving customers self-service tools to access their certs cuts down on repeated requests to resend paperwork, empowering customers and freeing employees to do more productive work.

Digital Transformation is Essential

In today’s turbulent business environment, digital transformation is more essential than ever to remain competitive, sustainable, and relevant.

Deploying automation internally and across the supply chain enhances efficiency and reduces costs during widespread labor shortages and rising inflation. According to a recent Gartner article, leading digital organizations have a lower cost of doing business and a significant competitive advantage in the current inflationary environment.

Likewise, a survey of more than 400 manufacturers conducted by global management consulting firm McKinsey found that companies that were already relying on digital technologies were best able to respond to the global pandemic. Conversely, for those companies that hadn’t begun their digital transformation fell further behind. For many companies, the past year has served as a serious wake-up call.


Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

At SmartCert, we take a forward thinking approach to automating and enhancing quality documentation. Our roadmap will expand functionality and continue to streamline operations, reduce costs, and keep our customers at the forefront of digital innovation.

Companies that are not innovating are falling behind. Digital innovation doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. SmartCert’s universal cloud-based platform helps companies work smarter with their existing teams and tools, gives them a competitive edge, and facilitates the path to paperless by taking the paper and the work out of paperwork.



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